For Tourist Operators

tourist operators You can’t assume that whoever books your trips will understand clearly about the terms, conditions and of course safety procedures associated with your activities. It is not just necessary to translate this information into concise Chinese, but without accurate translation, it can be dangerous for the Chinese tourist.

A hard-copy translation, Chinese webpage or Chinese recording can give your Chinese customers clear safety procedures, recommendations like dressing warmly or coolly, applying sunscreen or insect repellant, wearing a hat, using travel sickness pills and where to purchase them. This will avoid putting your Chinese tourists in danger and greatly enhance their experience and increase their customer satisfaction.

So a proofreading or translation of your brochures is essential for any tourist operators who would like to serve Chinese tourists. Furthermore, Chinese Connections will also promote your business in our Chinese blogs. The aims of these blogs are to create a strong wish and desire for Chinese tourists to enjoy your activities, to clarify any misleading information, and to bridge the gap in our different cultures and expectations. Your tour will be the “must do” adventure when they plan their trip Australia.


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