How does the fast and cheap translation cost you more?

Chinese Tourist use translation appsChinese tourists enjoy and love the sunshine, the clean air, the blue skies and the beautiful sandy beaches of Australia. These are easy to see via the many beautiful photographs in many a travel brochure or on the internet. However, there are so many different “expectations of facilities” provided in accommodation between China and Australia. In China, most hotels offer a free Wi-Fi service, while in Australia most Wi-Fi is still a paid for service. Most Chinese travelers like to brag about their holiday, and sending emails and photos back to family in China is really important.
Other misunderstandings can come from English-Chinese translations, or the automatic on-line translations. A Chinese translator could translate “water view” into “海(hǎi)景(jǐng)” which means “ocean view” without knowing that the real location of the hotel is on a creek, river or lake. This can cause some pretty serious issues when your guests arrive expecting to be on the ocean and they are in fact 10 kilometers up the river.

And some may offer what is translated into Chinese as a free seafood buffet on your behalf. The truth is that the hotel is only offering free use of fishing equipment and free BBQ facilities. If the Chinese tourists can catch a fish in the nearby river or ocean, then they can use the BBQ and cook themselves a free seafood buffet.

It’s essential to translate and/or proof-read your products and services into Chinese by a native Chinese speaker (both Mandarin & Cantonese) who also understands English and Chinese nuances and people’s expectations. Chinese Connections offers a translation and/or proofreading service for your Chinese brochures for all your business partners also. It is imperative for all hotels, resorts & accommodation providers who would like to receive and attract Chinese tourists, to have accurate Chinese language promotional fliers and price lists for their business partners, especially their tour operators.

Furthermore, Chinese Connections will also promote your business in our Chinese blogs. The aims of these blogs are to create a strong wish and desire for Chinese tourists to visit and stay in your premises, to clarify any misleading information, and to bridge the gap in our different cultures and expectations. Your place will be the “must stay” place when they plan their trip Australia.

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